Your deck rails will be one of the most visible aspects of your backyard project, so remember to think through this as your selecting your surface decking. If you have the need for a lot of railing, it can be a significant part of your budget. You’ll want to consider the style and colors of your home, the views that you have; do you want to see through them or block them? Will you incorporate lighting into your railing system? Below are some of the most popular railing choices.

CableRail and DesignRail
CableRail Systems utilizing stainless steel cable and connectors give a very urban, modern look. Another advantage, should you have a terrific view that you would like to preserve, is it allows you to see through with little visual obstruction. Cool breezes can pass through. Low maintenance. Cable rail can be installed using a number of different post and top cap systems as well as the sleek look of the custom DesignRail System.

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Glass Railing
Very high end look with several options. You can use pre-engineered systems from Fortress Railings that offer a few select glass colors and designs. Or, you can design your own with a local glass company and allow them to create anything you desire. All glass must be tempered to meet code.

Composite Railing
Very low maintenance system that allows you to design your color choices to compliment or contrast with your composite deck. By choosing different colored balusters, hand rails or posts, you can achieve a very custom look. You can even mix and match with other manufacturers. If you invest in a low maintenance composite deck, plan and budget to invest in a low maintenance rail system.

Metal Railing
Metal railing systems can be installed using single balusters connected with a chosen rail system or can be purchased in panels for ease of construction and less obstruction of views. Numerous choices in single balusters can be made with companies like Fortress Railing and the panel systems can be used with companies like Railing Dynamics.

Wood Railing
Wood railing systems provide a classic look with an economical value. Traditionally, 4×4 Posts, 2×4 Top and Bottom Rails, 2×6 Top Cap and 2×2 Balusters. Choose from cedar, redwood, treated or Ipe.