Why Ipe?

The world’s go-to exotic hardwood

For the most exceptional beauty and highest endurance at an affordable value, look no further than our exotic Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) hardwood. Ipe’s coloration varies from lustrous mahogany red to deep reddish-brown, and its grain is tightly interwoven, creating an attractive undulating pattern.

Considered the most durable of any decking product, Ipe is highly resistant to decay, weathering, and insects, and retains a like-new appearance with a minimal amount of cleaning and maintenance. Ipe is the toughest decking product available on the market. When you end seal fresh end cuts and seal all sides of the board with a UV hardwood finish, you give each board the best chance to resist splits, wide cracks, and excessive warping. As you know, the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio area experience a wide range of extreme temperatures and weather. With proper installation, a deck made of Ipe can last a long time in our environment.  Ipé also has an extremely high density so it is hard and resistant to scratching.  Ipe retains its beauty and stands up to decades of wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of projects.  Ipe will retain its vibrant color variation with UV inhibiting sealers or will grey to a majestic silver-grey patina if uncoated.

Ipe Decking